We make Assesments based on the ECO Order 805/2003 from March 27th on the assessment of real state and certain legal rights for financial purposes, amended by Order EHA/3011/2007, of October 4th and the Order EHA/564/2008 of February 28th.

The knowledge of the real state market value is essential in certain cases such as:

Divorce and inheritance
Knowledge of the real value for the sale of the house, plor or site.
Contradictory expert valuation
Assesment of companies or businesses
Valuation in a legal process
Certificate of completion

For this we make quotes adapted to the property to be assessed in order to adjust the price of the report depending on the customer’s needs. Our techinicians are qualified and they have a long experience in the sector, both in the completion of reports and the attendace to a trial, if necessary.

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