Expert Reports

Expert Reports


According to the Civil Proceeding Act, in Article 335, an expert report is mandatory

Where scientific, artistic, technical or practical knowledge may be necessary to ascertain any facts or circumstances that are relevant to the matter or to acquire certaity about them, the parties may bring to the proceedings the opinion of experts having the relevant knowledge or seek that court-appointed expert should issue an opinion in the cases set forth herein.

We do issue expert reports and we have a long experience in trials and several damage cases, from a poor execution of a natural swiming-pool, material damages in a neighborhood association or measuring in cases of discrepancy in the boundary location.

We make visits without any obligation in order to detect the possible construction issues and check the report viability. We always adapt the budget of the report according to the time it takes to complete it. We can make, if necessary, additional tests to achieve a full report.

We have every type of qualified technicians: architects, engineers, topographers, and draftsmen in order to make any type of reports on contruction.

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