Decoration and Renovations

Decoration and Renovations

The home renovation can be a complex process if you don’t have an apropriate advice. What to do? Which materials should be used? How would be possible to make the most of the space?

Sometimes the initial idea has not been well-defined and the results are not as expected. We do believe in the importance of planning and advicing before the beginning of the renovations. Thus, before giving a quote, we first present an initial project with a off-plan design and we offer ideas about the possible distributions in order to make the best possible use of space and improve the house functionality and design.

Once the renovation project is clear, we offer all the services and advising needed because we are aware of the fact that a renovation is something complex and time-consuming and we aim to control every detail so the owners just need to choose which materials will be used. And we could even do that, as well as helping in the house interior decorating.

Decoración y reformas

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We believe that a great result is not necessarily linked to great costs. We always try to make the most of the houses with the available budget and save in unecessary goods and adjust the prices of the necessary ones.

We therefore offer these services, with a site management carried out by a qualified Lead Technical Architect,  with market prices with no additional cost. Both partial or integral house or premises renovations , from a simple finishing renovation to a complete rehabilitation with structural works.

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