Energy efficiency certifications

Energy efficiency certifications

The Royal Decree 235/2013 of April 5th, which aprooves the basic procedure for the energy efficiency certification of the buildings, and establishes the obligation to present an energy efficiency certificate to buyers or users. The certificate must include objective information about the energy efficiency of a building and reference intervals such as minimun requirements for energy efficiency, so owners and tenants of the building could compare and assess its energy efficiency.

Our technicians are qualified to issue these certificates and registering them in the relevant authority of each autonomous Community, in order to generate the corresponding Energy Efficiency Label and comply with the information requirements established by the Directive 2010/31/UE.Eficiencia energetica

Thus, if you have a house or property for sale or rent, we can issue the Energy Efficiency Certificate and the required registration fast and at very competitive prices based on the characteristics of the property.

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